Live into your most Radiant You

Are you ready for an abundant life?

An abundance of joy. An abundance of love. An abundance of peace.

All this can be yours when you live into the fullness of you. It’s about finding, aligning, and expressing your most radiant you.

Are you ready to remove those blocks that stand in the way of your living the life you want? Are you ready to trust? To heal? To imagine? Are you ready to unlock all that potential waiting inside you?

Are you ready for a more Radiant You?

Radiant You is the right fit if you are a spiritual seeker, yearning for access to your inner wisdom, personal growth, stronger relationships, fulfillment in work, and contribution to humanity. Through our expert techniques, Radiant You helps bring inner peace, cultivate spiritual growth, and self-awareness. Bring in abundance and uncover the intuitive gifts you didn’t know you had.

Our practitioners have decades of experience treating thousands of patients in these ancient, effective techniques. We can guide you to the right modality, tapping into your inner spiritual core to bring you a level of whole-person wellness.

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Meet Our Practitioners

Wendy Wisner

Since 1998, Wendy Wisner has helped people take back their power to heal themselves. Wendy is a gifted Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual mentor, and inspiring coach with a warm, loving manner. She is a psychic and interfaith minister.

No two people are alike. With Wendy’s mastery in Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, Sound Healing, Spiritual Readings, and Access Consciousness Bars, you choose your healing path or learn to become a healer yourself. Working with Wendy, you will restore your belief that “I’ve got this.”

Rodrigo Ortiz

Rodrigo Ortiz is a Energy Healer with over 35 years of experience helping people to think clearer and live their life fully. His kindness, wisdom and unique Energy Clearing System and Intuitive Energy Healing give you an understanding of what caused your pain and lifts it from your mind and body. He is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Intuitive Energy Healer, Energy Clearing expert and Certified Sound Healer. His psychic intuitive skills provide a unique healing experience that addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. His warm and caring approach reflects a deep respect and commitment to Spirit and your well-being. Rodrigo is bicultural and provides healing in both English and Spanish.

Are you ready to bring radiance to yourself and others?

Are you ready to learn? Radiant You offers a suite of courses that help you realize and connect with your inner spiritual guide and bring peace and joy to practice on yourself, your loved ones, and your own clients.

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