Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing clears negative energies, thoughts, and emotions in your energy system and body stemming from ancestral, childhood, and adult traumatic experiences. Energy Clearing removes external energies that negatively affect you. Clear your core fears. Cut your psychic cords and other negative influences affecting you. Optimize your brain wave frequency to operate in a calm and healthy range. Correct your polarity, magnetism, hormonal levels, and brain neurotransmitter chemistry. 

Energy Clearing intuitively identifies these issues and the impact they are having on your life and health. You will increase the quantity, flow, and distribution of your energy throughout your physical and energy body. Energy Clearing releases blocks in your energy system, restoring the delicate balance between your body-mind-spirit, allowing the body to heal itself.

  • Clear, balance, and align your chakras and energy flow (including Chakra Clearing, Chakra Balancing)
  • Release core fears and trauma from this and past lives
  • Clear psychic cords and other negative energies
  • Improve your brain wave frequency
  • Balance your polarity and magnetism
  • Remove negative energy entities and thought forms attached to you
  • Clear resistance to moving forward
  • Heal from Past Life Regression

You will feel renewed with a greater sense of self-awareness, and lighter as your limiting beliefs and pains are removed. Your restored natural flow of energy allows the body to heal itself. You will feel greater clarity, peace, and confidence.

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Our Treatments


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy that is offered worldwide to create deep relaxation and reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. Racing or negative thoughts turn into quiet calm. You receive Chakra Healing and Chakra Clearing.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing holistically dissolves blockages to heal you. Divine, intuitive insights helps you heal unconscious patterns and unresolved feelings. Free-flowing energy helps you recover your health and passion for life. Empowered with a new perspective, you to move forward as the real you.

Past Life or Spiritual Reading

Seeking Divine guidance to make the best decision? Desire to connect with your loved ones? Want to discover how your past life affects your current life? What are you karmically carrying into this lifetime? All readings act as healings.

Sound Healing

Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks merge with intuitive guidance to balance your body and mind. Your trance-like meditation deeply relaxes, proven to improve your health while increasing feelings of spiritual well-being.

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Bars® is an energy healing therapy that extracts negative thoughts and judgments. Delete stress-filled, “corrupted programming” of old memories and hurts to stimulate positive change in your body and mind.

  • Allison R
    I have known Rodrigo Ortiz for many years and consider him to be intuitive, highly educated, and passionate about his work. His knowledge in the realm of Energy Clearing, Reiki, crystals, and Sound Healing makes him a fabulous teacher. I have experienced unbelievable physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations in my life since Rodrigo introduced me to Energy Clearing. We have removed mental and emotional blockages from past lives, traumas of shame and guilt, and aligned the meridians. As I became more and more intrigued with dowsing, I took 3 of his classes. We learned to tap into the science of spiritual dowsing for physical, mental, and emotional healing. I now use dowsing in my everyday life. If you are ready to tap into your “super-conscious mind” and move your life forward, then I would highly recommend scheduling a session with Rodrigo
    Allison R

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