Frequently Asked Questions

Will I find unconditional acceptance and compassion?
You are completely accepted by Spirit as you are—no matter how you are feeling or thinking today. Radiant You attracts people from all races, cultures, belief systems, and lifestyle choices. Google reviews say, “I immediately felt safe,” “I felt comfortable around her immediately.” People call us, “kind,” “exudes compassion.”
Why do people get an energy healing? Why do people get Reiki?
You may be considering a life change, out-of-sync with yourself, and feel stuck or anxious. You want help to move forward. You strive to be your best in their health, relationships, and career and know something is missing. You struggle with pain or an inner longing and seek a holistic health approach. Perhaps you seek inner wisdom, spiritual growth, healthier relationships, or more fulfillment in work. You may contribution to humanity.

You recognize and are ready to heal their wounds to manifest their health, relationships, and career goals. You know you can heal yourself with guidance and tools.

Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing clear trauma at the body or somatic level. Your psychotherapist may have suggested bodywork/somatic healing to clear emotions from your body. Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing gives you a spiritual solution as well.
What is energy?
You are made of energy. Energy radiates from and constantly moves through everything in our Universe; the air, your home and car, the ocean, trees, and your cells. Quantum physics tells us that energy that moves in vibrating waves that creates sound and light.

Eastern medicine teaches us that multiple energy channels and centers flow in many different directions throughout and around our body. Acupuncturists describe meridians and pressure energy points. Hindu and Indian texts describe our subtle bodies and chakras. We know of at least 14 ways energy flows through the body, in addition to the physical ways. (i.e., circulatory, nervous system, bio-electrical current).

Energy flow can be affected by emotions, physical or mental trauma, or by thought alone. When energy flow slows or gets blocked, you feel mentally and/or physically sluggish or hyper-active. Without care and treatment, sickness occurs. We help you move your energy.
What is energy healing?
Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates and restores energy flow to the body's subtle energy system. Energy healing is a somatic therapy, a mind-body therapy that releases trauma and fear which causes blocked energy within your body. Energy goes where people need it most, where there is sluggishness or blocks. As blockages are removed, slow-moving, or over-active energy is redistributed, realigned, balanced, and then grounded; you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Research shows that when brain waves are slowed, the body can achieve deep relaxation and activate its own healing mechanisms. When the brain waves are operating at too high a frequency we can experience conflict, pain body identification, aggression, and even hatred.

The energy flows within your cells where there are atoms that are comprised of 99.999% space, which scientists call particle waves. When people’s particles waves stop flowing, it causes congestion. Left untreated, congestion causes bodily pain and disease. Universal Energy gets your energy particles moving and vibrating again, cleansing the body, mind, emotions, and energy system. Information flows from particle to particle. Then the congested part gets more healthy flow.

Energy healing clears away the underlying causes and the physical symptoms of stress. The practitioner harnesses Universal Energy, their energy, and your intentions to bring energy flow. Energy healing can be directed at people, animals, things, and places.
How does energy healing work?
Science tells us our Universe is made of energy, and the human body is comprised of energy and matter that is both electrical and chemical. Each cell has mitochondria that generate energy. This energy flows freely or can slow and stagnate due to blockages. Blocks cause mental, emotional, and physical “stress.” Healthy bodies carry our thought and emotional energy through our nervous and endocrine systems to the brain, organs, and cells throughout our body. These physical and other energy channels connect and allow communications between our mind, body, and emotional bodies. Modern medicine checks our energetic flow today with tests like EEG, EKG, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), electrodermal testing, bio-physical information therapy (BIT).

“Stress” can be caused by trauma, injury, environmental toxins, drugs, etc. Your life-force energy slows down and, left untreated, ultimately blocks. Slow energy may be experienced as tight muscles or pain, negative emotions, and fear-filled thoughts. Continuously blocked energy causes dis-ease.

Energy healers open energy channels and restore blocked energy flow. As stagnant energy begins to move, so do pent-up feelings, causing physical, mental, and emotional relief. Once freed, the body’s innate healing powers restore health and well-being. You will receive intuitive insights into the cause of your blocks. BUT you do not need to talk about the thoughts and emotions you have struggled to access to feel better. To learn more visit our blog, What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is non-invasive, non-addictive, and enjoyable. People report a profound sense of relaxation. They report more awareness and comfort with their thoughts and feelings and the world around them. Unlike other somatic therapies requiring one to be physically active that may trigger fear among some populations, these treatments allow for the person to relax and experience an enjoyable sense of connection to their body again.
What happens during the healing?
Each Healing is unique to the individual, depending upon your intentions, needs, and challenges. You may be feeling grief, stuck, hurt, or be in physical pain. We discuss your concerns with complete confidentiality. They might be about your health, career, spiritual and relationship challenges, living situation, life’s purpose, and other life goals. You and your Higher Self set the intention for the healing. We go as deeply as you are ready to go that day. This is a three-way relationship between you and your higher self, Divine energy, and the practitioner. You choose to sit comfortably or lie down, perhaps under a blanket. You stay fully clothed. Healing can occur virtually where you are comfortably at home or in-person, which is equally effective.

We will talk about how energy healing works. Your questions are answered. You always receive a healing on the first day. Wendy and Rodrigo powerfully harness the Universal Energy to activate your energy flow to free emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blockages.

You may feel sensations in your body as energy that was blocked or slow starts moving again. Your body and mind relax as brain waves settle into an Alpha or Theta range. Some folks get so relaxed they fall asleep.

Intuitive guidance helps you uncover the underlying thoughts, feelings, and beliefs creating your health and life concerns. Compassionate coaching helps you let go of past trauma, often locked in childhood memories and within your cells.

You’ll feel heard and touched by the Universe and by humankind. Some call this experience connecting with our Highest Self. Others call this connection Source or God. Freed and more conscious, mental, physical, or emotional suffering falls away. Stress leaves. Your authentic self-shines through. You feel more capable to tackle what life throws at you.
How long is a healing?
A Reiki Healing or Intuitive Energy Healing is one hour. An Energy Clearing may be one to 1.5 hours in length.
Is this religious? Will there be spiritual growth?
Spirituality is the recognition that you are connected to others and to something far greater than yourself. Energy Healing reconnects your body, mind, and spirit. You will be guided by your higher self, helping you reconnect to Divine energy. Spiritual seekers often hone their intuition during a healing and get insights from their higher self and Divine guidance to live life with more joy, peace, and love in their life.
What kinds of healing modalities are used?
No two people are alike, so Wendy and Rodrigo master multiple modalities to provide you with the optimum healing experience. Every healing is customized to address your situation and may use some combination of healing modalities. You may choose Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, Past Life Regression, Chakra Clearing and Chakra Cleaning (plus all your energy centers), Access Consciousness Bars®, Mediumship, Angel and Past Life Readings, Crystal Healing, Dousing, Sound Healing, or Health Restoration.
Is energy healing, Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Sound Healing a form of somatic healing or somatic therapy?
Yes. Energy Healing is a form of somatic therapy that is needed to completely clear trauma as the hurt lives in your cells. Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing clear trauma at the body or somatic level. Your psychotherapist may have suggested bodywork/somatic healing to clear emotions from your body. Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing gives you a spiritual solution as well.
How will energy healing, Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, and Sound Healing affect my talk therapy?
Energy Healing offered by Radiant You is somatic healing that works together with psychotherapy and allopathic medicine. Clients often see a psychotherapist, may take medication, or do body work to address their conditions. We become powerful partners together. That is why Reiki and other energy touch therapy is offered at each of the top hospitals and research hospitals today. Reiki is well-documented to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain as well as speed up physical healing. You clear the emotional and mental trauma at the root cause that lives within your cells, mind, and heart.
How will I feel afterwards?
Stress relief from the body and mind. Stress – the #1 cause of illness and emotional pain in the US – will be vacuumed out as you simultaneously release toxic beliefs, often from childhood or living within your DNA. You may feel lighter, happier, more energetic, and more insightful. More at peace, people heal themselves by activating their natural God-given ability to heal.

Some people feel permanently changed physically or emotionally. Those with chronic issues may need multiple treatments.
Will I feel sick, pain or discomfort?
Not usually. A great deal of energy is expended in letting go so you may need more sleep and rest for a few days as you detoxify your body, mind, and feelings. There may be a few mood swings, and you may re-experience some residual discomfort of former illnesses or injuries as the cells expel the memory of former trauma. Occasionally, people have immediate bowel movements. Those who have been anxious will feel more peaceful as you really let go of long-held stress. As your muscles relax, you may sense a letting-go or exhaustion without stress chemicals pulsing through your body.
Energetically, what does a healing look like?
The Universal Energy flows into congested or blocked areas, slow-moving or irregularly moving areas of the body or auric field. Chakras return to their healthy size, shape, vibration/tone, and color. Cells will be working better. The auras and chakras will be more open. Body chemistry will work better.

Some people’s chemistry permanently changes. Others have slippage (must believe they can heal and how long they have been sick.)

One must really believe that the healing will make them well.
What happens immediately following a healing? How long does it take to gain the full effect?
People will continue to improve for 21 days physically and emotionally and may continue to improve up to a year later. People report having insights for as long as three months. Energy will start with the chakra that needs the most. There are three seven-day cycles of the healing. The energy runs through the chakras two separate times. Then the energy runs through the subtle bodies three times. It usually starts at the lower chakras and moves up the energetic body.
What kinds of health issues can energy heal?
People who suffered with depression, broken bones, sciatica, anxiety, “feeling stuck” in relationships and work situations, and other stress-related illness have reported “feeling relief from pain”, “no more back problems”, “like a weight had been lifted off my chest as my past pain began to heal and new opportunities began to open up for me”, “got my mojo back”, “relaxed”, and “happier”.
Will Energy Healing help anxiety?
Yes. Reiki has been clinically shown to reduce anxiety and stress. “After months of debilitating anxiety, I felt instant relief after our first session. During our second session I also asked her to address some physical pain I was having and within hours I felt better!”

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