Sound Healing

  • Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.
Dr. Debasish Mridha

Sound Healing is a holistic healing that vibrates your cells and energy field to restore balance. Crystal sound bowls and tuning forks brings deep rest within each cell as the mind stills. Stress oozes out of every pore as your energy vibration re-tunes to its natural state of health. Lie comfortably under a blanket and drift into peace. Ancient Greeks, Tibetan monks, and National Institutes of Health agree that holistic sound healing “reduces feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression, and increases spiritual well-being.” This now-popular form of healing:

  • Creates deep rest and recalibration within your cells
  • Restores mental balance and clarity for a happier mood
  • Moves stagnant energy to naturally accelerate your self-healing system
  • Lowers brain waves to alpha or theta state, increasing intuition and contentment
  • Improves sleep and lowers blood pressure and stress

You are energy vibration—born with a dazzling melody. Much like an orchestra brings its instruments into vibratory harmony, Sound Healing or Sound Bath restores your energy (qi) flow. The brain entrains to into a calmer theta or alpha brain wave frequency. The vibration moves through your skin, fluid, and bones, creating a full body relaxation and recalibration down to the level of the cellular structure. Resonance and rhythm gently release pent-up emotions without effort or discussion.

You simply relax and let the beautiful sound float through you, lulling you a state of deep meditative relaxation.

Sound Healing has linked to a number of wellbeing benefits, from lowering stress and better sleep to boosting immune function. The Journal of Evidenced Based Complimentary & Alternative Medicine found in their 2017 study that, “…Feeling(s) of spiritual well-being significantly increased across all participants.” Contact Radiant You to set up an appointment.

Our Treatments


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy that is offered worldwide to create deep relaxation and reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. Racing or negative thoughts turn into quiet calm. You receive Chakra Healing and Chakra Clearing.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing holistically dissolves blockages to heal you. Divine, intuitive insights helps you heal unconscious patterns and unresolved feelings. Free-flowing energy helps you recover your health and passion for life. Empowered with a new perspective, you to move forward as the real you.

Energy Clearing

Clear negative energies and thoughts. Release emotions, traumas, and core fears. Clear lingering ancestral patterns and release childhood trauma. Feel renewed with a greater sense of self-awareness and lighter without limiting beliefs. Your restored energy allows the body to heal itself.

Past Life or Spiritual Reading

Seeking Divine guidance to make the best decision? Desire to connect with your loved ones? Want to discover how your past life affects your current life? What are you karmically carrying into this lifetime? All readings act as healings.

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Bars® is an energy healing therapy that extracts negative thoughts and judgments. Delete stress-filled, “corrupted programming” of old memories and hurts to stimulate positive change in your body and mind.

    We started with sound bowls to get my vibration more grounded/in tune. I was able to get so deep into a state of just “being” during our session ~ I can’t put into words really, but my mind chatter stopped almost the entire time ~ peace! This is what I have been missing after an extremely traumatic event. I felt liberated to feel this return to stasis and balance. Wendy is very kind and generous in explaining things that come up afterwards as well. Which for me it did, and I appreciate that she is present with you on your personal wellness journey!

Do you feel the longing to connect to your passed-over loved ones?

Does your intuition tell you that they have a message that they want to give you?